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Karnataka’s Biggest Budget Ever: Siddaramaiah’s ₹3.71 Lakh Crore Plan for 2024-25

Spending and growth

  • The leader of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, showed his 15th plan for spending money on Friday. He said that Karnataka will spend ₹3.71 lakh crore this year. He also said that Karnataka’s money-making will grow by 6.6% in 2025.
  • Karnataka lost ₹59,274 Crore because of the bad way of using GST in the last seven years, Siddaramaiah said. He said “Karnataka is the second highest place of GST collection in the country with an 18% increase this year compared to 2022-23”.
  • Siddaramaiah said that the Central Govt is taking more money from people and not sharing it with states.

Welfare and guarantees

  • The Karnataka government will spend more money on helping people. They will spend ₹1,20,373 on this.
  • The Karnataka government will give ₹52,000 crore to people in 2024-25 through five promises (Shakti, Gruhajyoti, Gruhalakshmi, Yuva Nidhi and Annabhagya).
  • Under the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, women who are the head of the family will get ₹2,000 every month. ₹11,726 cr has been given to them directly.
  • ₹86,423 cr will be spent on schemes for women in 2024-25.
  • The Karnataka leader said that each family gets ₹50,000 to ₹55,000 every year through these promises.

Tax and excise

  • Siddaramaiah said that the tax rates for alcohol and beer will change.
  • All the work done by the Excise department will be online in Karnataka, the leader said.

Food and housing

  • The Karnataka government will start a new scheme Anna-Suvidha, an app for delivering free food grains (PDS) to old people above 80 years at their home.
  • The Congress-led Karnataka government wants to make 3 lakh houses in 2024-25. On the PM Awaas Yojana, the leader said that the scheme is slow in the state because most of the people cannot pay their part of ₹5 lakh. “Our Government has decided to make the people pay only one lakh rupees. The rest of the money, about ₹4 lakh, will be given by the Government,” Siddaramaiah said.
  • Millets that are good for health and cheap will be available under the new programme ‘Namma Millet in Karnataka.

Education and health

  • The Karnataka government said that 50 schools for poor children will be started with 50 students each. 100 hostels for boys/girls after 10th class will be started, and 100 new Maulana Azad Schools will be opened. Colleges for 11th and 12th class will be started in 25 schools.
  • The scheme for paying the fees for students of the minority community who are studying B.Sc., Nursing/G.N.M Nursing courses in Government/Private Colleges will start again.
  • Karnataka government said ₹400 cr for making and buying equipment in medical colleges and ₹130 crore for making super-specialty hospitals.

Other schemes and initiatives

  • Karnataka government gave ₹10 crore for women self-help groups.
  • The state government gave ₹100 crore for making wakf properties better.
  • The leader said ₹2 crore will be given for making schemes for the Sikligar Community to earn more money.
  • ₹50 crore will be given for making the places where Jains go for worship better.
  • A free training programme for CLAT, MAT, and Chartered Accountant Foundation course will be started for students from Backward classes.
  • 50 cafes run by women with the name of Cafe Sanjeevini will be started in the State this year with ₹7.50 crore, Siddaramaiah said.
  • The Platform-Based Gig Workers Fund and Welfare Fee Bill will be made to help Platform-Based Gig Workers live better.

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