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PM Vishwakarma Yojana

PM Vishwakarma Yojana: A Plan for Handmade Crafts. Can Senior Citizens Join It?

PM Vishwakarma Yojana is a skill development and livelihood scheme for craft persons who make things by hand and need a way to sell them. The government started the Yojana for five years and may continue it later. The person must be 18 or older to join the Yojana.

Who Can Join The Yojana?

The Yojana is for poor people who live in villages or cities and have skills to make things by hand and tools, such as boats, dolls, woodwork, metalwork, shoes, pots, statues, etc. Only one person from a family can join theYojana. Government workers cannot join the plan. Older people can also join the Yojana as there is no age limit.

What Are The Benefits Of The Yojana?

The people who join the plan will get a PM Vishwakarma Certificate and a PM Vishwakarma ID Card with a special number. The certificate says that the person is part of the plan. The certificate and ID card show that the person has skills. With these, the person will get:

  • Classes to learn new things from experts
  • Tools to make better things by hand
  • Money from the bank without any security and with less interest, to start or improve their business
  • Help to show and sell their things in different places, even in other countries

How Does The Yojana Work?

The Yojana is run by three ministries: MSME, MSDE and MoF. They work together to:

  • Give the certificate and ID card to the people who join the plan
  • Teach the people in classrooms with new tools and videos
  • Provide the tools and money to the people
  • Organise events to promote the products of the people, including exports

How Can Older People Benefit?

MSDE gives special training for the needs of older people who join the plan. MSDE says that the plan wants to keep the “guru-shishya tradition”, share and improve skills and help more people.

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