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Shardul Thakur, Shivan Dube shine as Mumbai dominate Assam in Ranji Trophy

Shardul Thakur took six wickets and Shivan Dube scored 101 runs in 95 balls. Mumbai scored 133 runs more than Assam and had four more players to bat.

A lot happened on the first day of the Ranji Trophy match between Mumbai and Assam at the MCA ground in Bandra Kurla Complex. Shardul Thakur took six wickets, Shivan Dube scored a fast hundred, and Ajinkya Rahane was given out but then not out. Mumbai were in a good position at the end of the day.

Mumbai bowl out Assam for 84

Mumbai had already reached the quarter-finals with four wins in six games. This was their last match of the season and it did not matter much. But they still played very well with the ball after winning the toss.

Assam were all out for only 84 runs in 32.1 overs. Mumbai scored 217/6 by the end of the day.

Shardul Thakur played his second Ranji game this season. He did not take any wicket in the last game against Chhattisgarh. But he bowled very fast and took three wickets with the new ball. He broke Assam’s top order.

He said, “We thought the pitch would be good for batting but it was not. It was wet and slow at first. There was bounce but not much speed. We had to bowl in the right places.”

Abhishek Thakuri was the only one who batted well for Assam. He came at No.4 and stayed till the end. But Assam lost wickets to Mohit Avasthi, Tushar Deshpande and Shams Mulani. Thakur came back and took three more wickets.

He said, “I was unlucky in the last game. I bowled well but did not get any wicket. I was confident and carried it into this game. My body is fine and I can bowl as much as needed. I had a small injury in my ankle and needed three weeks to get better.”

Rahane gets a second chance

Mumbai finished Assam’s innings in the first session. They wanted to bat well after that. But they lost five wickets for 110 runs.

The most interesting thing of the day happened when Rahane and Dube were batting together. They added 50 runs for the fifth wicket. Rahane was on 18 and ran back to his crease. He was given out for blocking the ball with his body. But Assam said sorry and took back their appeal. He was allowed to bat again. This happened because they took a tea break after that and the next ball was not bowled.

Thakur said, “Rahane did not look at the ball and did not block it on purpose. The umpires thought he was out because the ball was going to hit the stumps. But Assam’s coach said he did not do it on purpose. He came to us and said sorry. He said they appealed in the heat of the moment and wanted to take it back. But Rahane did not want to bat again and said out is out. But we told him he could bat again and it would be good for the team. He did not like to do that but he did it for the team.”

Rahane did not score much after that. He made only four more runs and was bowled by Dibakar Johori. Mumbai had scored more than Assam by then but they needed more runs.

Dube scores a blazing hundred

Dube did that and scored his second hundred of the season.

Dube was a left-handed batsman and hit 10 fours and five sixes in his 101 runs. He took some time to get comfortable and got lucky a few times but hit the ball hard most of the time. Dube and Mulani added 103 runs for the sixth wicket. This made Assam lose hope and Mumbai get ahead.

Thakur said, “Shivam played very well. When things are bad, it is not easy to stay calm and then attack. I think he played a perfect innings for any pitch. He had a lot of pressure when he came in but he handled it and did not hit the ball right away. He knows what he is good at very well.”

Mumbai ended the day with a big lead and four more wickets to bat. They will look to extend their lead and put Assam under more pressure on the second day.

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