MLB Commissioner (and millionaire) Rob Manfred is enraged by the latest MiLB remarks.

Rob Manfred just can't help himself. Every time he opens his mouth, he says the wrong thing.

It's almost unbelievable that the MLB team owners who control his puppet strings continue to allow him to speak to the media at all

He's really done it this time, because his most recent tone-deaf remark is about the minor leagues.

At the All-Star Game on Tuesday, Rob Manfred took time to answer questions from the media.

When asked if minor-league salaries are a matter of affordability or teams simply refusing to pay them, he responded with this ridiculous soundbite

"I kind of disagree with the question's premise, which is that minor league players are not paid a living wage."

In other words, 'I don't like your factual statement posed as a question.'

Rob Manfred went on to congratulate himself and his superiors for doing the bare minimum to ensure that if they weren't going to pay minor leaguers a living wage, they would at least house them

"I think that we've made real strides in the last few years in terms of what not only players are paid, even putting to one side, the signing bonuses that many of them have already received.

They received housing, which obviously is another form of compensation.

So I just, you know, I just reject the premise of the question. I don't know what else to say."